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Tiger & KC are mature Maine Coons in search of a forever home. This sweet duo asked "Whu happened?" after their companion person of 15 years dumped them at the animal shelter. Never underestimate the tremendous sense of loss that cats feel when they are suddenly abandoned by people. Did it ever occur to the person who took them to a kill shelter that senior cats are the first to be euthanized? Apparently not. Or worse, the person was ruthless to have a cavalier attitude of...well, it's time to die!
Regardless, Tiger and KC have not given up -- they are staying positive because a kind person stepped in to foster them. This situation is only temporary since the foster already has animals of her own and the over-crowding will not allow her to keep this duo much longer.
A few words are in order about Maine Coon cats: they're very relaxed and they have a reputation of getting on well with children and dogs. The males tend toward clowning around -- it has something to do with their Huck Finn sense of street smarts. Catch a male Maine Coon crawling low to the ground, and you'll notice he's really doing slow push-ups with his muscular fore and hind legs.
The females are dignified and reserved. Regardless of the gender, their manner is loving and kind. They seem to hold onto their kittenish playfulness. So, despite their 15 years, Tiger & KC have plenty of youthful energy left. They would love to show you just how special they are by playing fetch with you. Take this duo into your heart and they will gladden your home with love, beauty and happiness.