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Every feline is as radiant as any star in the sky, as distinctive as any member of a family, and so we celebrate each of these bright lights for their beauty and their outstanding qualities. For our first installments, meet Scooter and Shorts.
What's not to love about Scooter? When we first met him, his hair was matted, his ears leathery from an infestation of mites, and his face inflamed with eyes swollen shut. He looked like a very old cat. But after he was bathed and given a series of intravenous, oral and topical medications, the transformation that occurred was nothing less than miraculous. Today, his fur is smooth and his eyes clear - he is healthy and happy and grateful for Nelson and the support from LA Community Cats.
Shorts is glad his days as a biped running a speakeasy are over and prefers his new life on all fours overseeing a feral cat colony in a machine shop in Long Beach - 21 cats in all. He's the most curious in the colony and when City Feral volunteers came down to trap his brethren for spaying and neutering, Shorts stood by the gate scrutinizing us. Smart boy, he sensed we were doing right by everyone and gave us his seal of approval. He continues to greet City Feral volunteers as a good-will ambassador when new supplies of cat food arrive on a weekly basis.