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It has been over a year since I saved the twins, "Roman & Shiloh" from a devastating coyote attack (they were 3 month old feral kittens then and sadly their sister and Mama were killed.)
Although feral-born, these twin tabby-tigers have blossomed into wonderfully affectionate and loving kitties. Their feral-roots are only apparent when the threat of the "unknown" comes into play (i.e. strangers) -- then the DNA of their feral-roots instinctively kicks-in and they will hide until the perceived danger is gone. Once their space feels safe again, just like the little munchkins from The Wizard of OZ, they happily come out of hiding, as all is well. :)
It is heartbreaking for me that I am unable to keep them, for they are truly such a delight! First thing every morning, they will leap up on the bed for a 'good-morning' love-session... They both pile into my lap! It's like having a Bouquet of kittens dropped onto my tummy - they are adorable!
I love them very much... and will not be at peace until I can re-Home them to the right person(s). Roman & Shiloh need a true cat-lover who will be patient with their feral-roots, and who will enjoy spending the time needed to gain their trust and bond with them.
Once you earn their trust, Roman & Shiloh will share a magnificent LOVE with you and bring lots of happiness into your home! Give them a chance -- it may be the most rewarding decision you will make on behalf of life.