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Told by Julie in El Dorado Hills, CA
When I was volunteering at the shelter I just came upon this cat. He had thumbs and everything – I was like ‘You’re adorable!’ He was a tuxedo cat. So he had like white paws and white right here (gestures under the neck), and white on his face. He was huge, too. He was like 20 pounds! (laughs) Yeah! He was very muscley. He was a big cat, yeah.
So I adopted this cat from the shelter. He was just so unique and amazing and smart. Once we had him locked in a bedroom because we were renovating the rest of the house. And he didn’t have a cat box in there, but he had his bag of cat litter. And he REALLY had to go! So he decides to rip open the cat litter, pull it out, and, like, pee in it, instead of peeing on the floor! (laughs) (admiring remarks from listeners). He was, like, my best friend.