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Told by Eileen in El Dorado Hills, CA
There’s a town, it’s called Toll House; it’s about three hours from here. It’s got maybe a population of like, 35 people. Well, my Mom and I were visiting a friend of my Mom’s, and he had a neighbor who had a feral cat. And she had had a litter of kittens. And so I just fell in love with this black and white cat – she was fluffy – she was adorable. I was very into Harry Potter at the time, so I decided to name her Luna Lovegood, because she was just – crazy! Well, we brought her home, and we had just moved into this house with a pool and everything, and like, she kinda strayed more into the feral – she was outside – we wouldn’t see her for like two weeks at a time, but she would always come back to say ‘Hi.’ She loved this potted plant that we had outside – she would always sleep in there, so we put it kinda under the overhang that we had. We would walk out and see her, or not.
Like, it was crazy, and uh, we had thought that we had lost her, because she hadn’t come home for two months. And we were in the process of a move, and it was unfortunate that we couldn’t find her anywhere in the neighborhood, so we kind of just assumed, hopefully, that she had found a new home, and of course, good thoughts. We moved back up the hill – it was only around the corner, in the same neighborhood, off in this little cove area. After three months of being there, I was driving around, and I saw her, and it was funny, ‘cause she recognized my car, ‘cause she had ran straight out in front of my car – I was like ‘Oh my God!’ And she jumps in my car and I decided to drive back up to the house, so she visited for a week and then left. It was just crazy, because I didn’t have any idea that cats could be that loyal. And I’ll still see her every once in awhile and she’ll say ‘Hi’ and go off to her own business! It’s funny how feral cats can grow an attachment to a family if you show them kindness.