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Nature Trumps the Lab

by Henry Pasternak, D.V.M.
Vitamins are too complex to be synthesized in a test tube. It took nature hundreds of millions of years to perfect these nutrients and for animals to adapt to them. A vitamin consists of not only the organic nutrients identified as the vitamin, but also enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, and trace element activation. Since enzymes are proteins, they must contain amino acids and trace elements. Dr. Royal Lee, a pioneer in nutrition research, says, “ ‘In fact, every mineral needed by the living cell is commonly found in a natural assemblage of vitamin concentrates.’” These components are only effective when in the proper natural state.

Each Animal’s Chemistry is Different

Each cat is unique in its nutritional requirement.  I believe that there is biochemical individuality among animals and that nutritional needs differ quantitatively from animal to animal.  With food and food concentrates containing whole nutritional complexes, the body can choose the nutrients it needs for assimilation and excrete what it does not need.  With synthetic or fractionated vitamins, the body has no choice.  It must handle the vitamin as a foreign substance or drug, and then toxicity or chemical imbalance may occur.

Vitamin-rich whole foods are still the only source of virtually all the vitamins. Some of the best sources include seeds, nuts, whole grains, eggs, vegetables, yeasts and yeast extracts, liver and other organ meats, and fruits.

Myth of Balanced Diet in Canned or Dry Food

There is no such thing as a 100 percent balanced diet for cats and dogs that is processed and bagged or canned. This is a sad myth perpetrated by big industry and uninformed professionals. One cannot substitute synthetic vitamins and “dead” processed food for raw, “live” natural foods. If one must feed dead, processed foods due to convenience and time constraints, then one should supplement the diet with real “live” foods or food concentrates. [Stay tuned for diet suggestions in the next installment.]
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