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Gorgeous and Gentle "Lady Fluff"

Lady Fluff has a very gentle and vulnerable disposition, with a regal nature and mild-spirit that belies her feral-roots. And despite a polite hissing when approached too closely (she is the sweetest, but still transitioning and not yet touchable), "Lady Fluff" is the most genteel cat I have ever known!

Up to this last year, although it was a hard life with many stresses, the large government property she lived on did provide a somewhat good life for her -- she had the west LA wonderful weather and was surrounded by grass with lots of trees, and she also had an abandoned building all to herself, which had a large crawl space that provided great shelter for her and was a safe hiding place from nighttime predators. She also had the benefit of a stable routine of two wet meals daily from a volunteer care-giver. (Lady Fluff has been fixed/shots/clean blood test a healthy beauty about 7 years old).
But the area where she was living was scheduled for demolition (The only home she has ever known was set to be destroyed!). I had no choice but to take action and get her out of harm's way and to safety. So for the last month she has been staying in my small apartment kitchen. And as you can imagine, I feel totally responsible for rocking her world, and would like to provide her with the best and safest environment possible for a new and better life!

Contrary to my thought that she'd be completely miserable inside ... It seems that this beautiful outdoor community cat is enjoying her first taste of indoor safety and the warmth of a cozy indoor environment (who knew?!) -- which leads me to believe that she could potentially adapt to being an indoor cat (and once "grounded" properly, have outdoor daytime privileges).
As the photos convey, Lady Fluff has a very tender spirit and is content with her new (confined) experience of living indoors. And after spending three weeks interacting with her docile personality and seeing her enjoyment of the indoor comforts - I must admit, I am in anguish and uneasy with the thought of having to place her back into a strictly outdoor (feral) lifestyle. (Where with her meek nature, she'll clearly be vulnerable to predators!)

Therefore we are posting "Lady Fluff" with the hope that an extraordinarily 'animal gifted' individual will see this posting and know in their heart that they are to be Lady Fluff's MIRACLE... If "Lady Fluff" is given the indoor opportunity of bonding one-on-one in a home setting, she could eventually turn around entirely, and live out her life as an indoor companion cat - At last safe and in a loving HOME environment.
My prayer for Lady Fluff is that she would get her MIRACLE and spend the last years of her life bonded to a special person, who will adopt her and transition her into a wonderful new life of being wanted, loved and kept safe!