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Semi-Feral Kitties &

Mom Available for Rat Patrol

If you've got rodent problems, think seriously about adopting these semi-feral cats as the non-toxic answer to pest control. Mice and rats flee at the first whiff of cats. Ask any farmer — they'll tell you the best eco-friendly rodent control is the feral cat. Chemical pest control has an adverse effect upon the environment in addition to the fact that you run the risk of accidental poisoning of beloved family pets. Beyond that, the rats that survive the ingestion of poison go on to breed a tougher, more resistant strain of rats.

Mother is very sweet, loves to be pet and would make a good indoor cat. Although the kittens have already learned to run and hide from people, with consistent attention, they are still young enough to adapt to becoming someone's devoted companion animals. Mother and her kittens are short-haired and in good health.
Mom & 3 Kittens, ready for patrol!