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Frosty is one patient and enduring little girl. Nothing seems to get her down. Shortly after the operation to spay her, Frosty had developed an infection around the area of the incision. That was right around Christmas 2010. She was treated with antibiotics until the swelling went down and the infection went away. The vet also gave her a proper re-stitching. By New Year's Day, Frosty was ready to break out of the hospital.
Now, Frosty girl peeks her head out of her little house at Scott's pet shop in Santa Monica checking out the lookie-loos. She sizes people up before she makes a move. If the inquiring biped is up to her standards, she'll step out of her hideaway and say hello.
She's a very self-contained little girl with the pinkest nose and the prettiest golden eyes you've ever seen. And if she had her druthers, Frosty would love to hang out in a library, a private one in a home. Just sitting among books is an enriching experience for Frosty because she prefers learning by osmosis.
Also, FYI, she's such an independent gal, she doesn't ask for much, just a little massage under her chin and gentle stroking on her head -- that's all. She'll consider a dog -- it depends upon their nature -- because she loves to play and skip about. Plus, she wants you to know she's inquisitive without being annoying. NEWS UPDATE: FROSTY HAS JUST BEEN ADOPTED!! (Elvis can now leave the building.)